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Our Team

Leon Nuvayestewa

Volunteer Financial Manager

Hopi elder, Sakhongvaiya, (green tobacco standing in a row), Leon A. Nuvayestewa Sr. declared to his family that if "no one was going to do anything about the trash, I will."

Leon is our financial manager who handles our budgets, and paperwork for payments, tracks spending, and helps to guide the Project Coordinator with purchases. His approval is needed to keep the checks and balances of our organization. He provides cultural content for use in communications, for Radio shows, Hopi word of the day, volunteer trash picker, communicator with Mongwit(traditional leadership) as well as keeping us seen at the state, national, and international level. He encourages us and is our Inspiration and Motivation!

Evangeline Nuvayestewa

Volunteer-Tewa Corn Clan Matriarch

Evangeline is not only a pillar in the community but is also the foundation for Tutskwat Oqawtoynani. Since 2016 she has opened up her home at Tewa Village to feed volunteers, she cooks, and cleans after everyone and keeps the plaza at Tewa free of litter on the daily. She is our inspiration to live our lives in a way that honors our way of life, Evangeline also contributes to the cultural education around roles and responsibilities for women which include stewardship practices by which she lives and upholds every day. We want to recognize and honor her in a manner that is befitting a woman of her stature.

Valerie Nuvayestewa

Project Coordinator

Valerie, She/Her is Hopi/Tewa and from the Tewa Corn Clan, Tewa Village, First Mesa, Arizona. Valerie is the Project Coordinator for this Hopi and Tewa led environmental, grassroots organization.  Her community and family joins in this meaningful work as they come together to cultivate awareness of land stewardship within their villages.

An avid environmentalist, a writer, forager, mother, grandmother and a student in life, Valerie finds that her most important and fulfilling work comes from spending time in the fields and garden with her family.


Bonnie Secakuku

Advisory Group

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Maree Mahkewa

Advisory Group


Erin Eustace    

Advisory Group

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Wilma Dengavi

Advisory Group

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