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Collaborative Efforts Produce Results

  • Hopi Tribal Solid Waste Program

  • Conservation Legacy, ALHopi

  • Village of Walpi, Sichomovi, and Tewa

  • United World College

  • Native Americans in Philanthropy

  • CKP Insurance

  • CellularOne

  • Hopi Telecommunications

  • Dollar a Day Fund

  • HOPA Mountain

  • Wolfstar PR

  • Tipi Risers

  • Abundance in Motion

  • First Mesa Consolidated Villages

  • Grand Canyon Trust

  • Pikyunavi Wood Haulers

  • Hopi Grounds Coffee

  • Sedona Mago

  • Spider Grille Big 

  • Big Sky Soap

  • Librada Estrada Consulting

  • Melvin Consulting

Tutskwat partners with Cellular One

Conservation Legacy
Ancestral Lands Hopi

Partnering with Conservation Legacy, Ancestral Lands Hopi was an effective and efficient way of removing large amounts of trash off the sides of the mesa. The lead, Marshall Masayesva, Program Manager, helped to provide technical support for the tension line (zipline, we changed the name of it for safety purposes) while their crew were able to safely remove large amounts of trash at a time off the steep sides of the mesa;

Ancestral Hopi Lands

Village of Walpi

The Village of Walpi and their staff. They have gone above and beyond answering the call to help us with trash removal. Led by Alan Chavez, Community Service Administrator, he has worked with us to allow the flow of our cleanups to go smoothly.

Walpi Arizona

Hopi Tribal Solid Waste Program

By partnering with this program, we utilized their grappler truck, and were able to remove household trash, harborage, big metal items, efficiently in one week.

Hopi Mesa cleaning
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