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About Our

Our Mission:  
To clean First Mesa from top to bottoms.

Our Vision:
Through discipline and responsibility, we will preserve the sacredness of our Hopi and Tewa Villages. We are upholding our promise to protect the planet and ensure that humanity enjoys peace and prosperity while creating space for healing and recovery.

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What We Do

What Can You Do?

Get Involved and Help Us Create
Villages dedicated to collective action.


Population of the 3 Villages We Serve in First Mesa

49.46 tons of trash removed to date

25.46 tons of trash in 2022 

We also removed 36 truckloads of metals and harborage  which we were unable to weigh and was not included in the estimated 25.46 tons.

We cleared more trash in 2022 than we did from 2016-2021 with the help of 181 volunteers who put in a total of 1,816 hours of work.

1.5 million acres

Hopi Reservation

How We Do It


Intergenerational Vision Fulfillment
Knowledge. Culture. Tradition.

New Stewards Learning Early
Experiential. Prayerful. Committed.


Community Partnerships
Collaborating. Planning. Working. 

Earth Day and Summer Solstice 
Determined. Dedicated. Consistent.


We are a small grassroots organization. We depend upon and value the generosity of individuals and organizations who generously support our important work.


Let's discover where your specific skills, talents and time intersect with our goals and activities. Together we can clean and once again honor the mesas.

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